A series of updates for ChatGPT

We have rolled out another batch of updates to keep up with OpenAI's recent changes. All our servers now have full access to ChatGPT.

19th Jun 2024
Rolled out an update for ChatGPT voice chat

We have updated our servers to fix issues related to ChatGPT Voice chat. All our servers worldwide now fully support voice chat.

27th May 2024
First release of Jamjams for iPhone

We're pleased to release the first version of Jamjams for iPhone. If you run into any issues, please send us feedback: https://jamjamsapp.com/support

Download Jamjams


18th Mar 2024
Jamjams 0.1.9 for MacOS released

We're pleased to release Jamjams v0.1.9 for Mac, which offers stability improvements. 

Download Jamjams

12th Dec 2023
s5 servers temporarily moved to Los Angeles

Dear clients,

Please be advised that "s5" nodes on "Los Angeles" plans have been temporarily moved to Los Angeles due to maintenance in AMS. We need to replace failing equipment in AMS and it will take some time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


UPDATE @ 2023-12-31: "s5" nodes have been moved back to AMS.

6th Dec 2023
Cloudflare DNS update issues

We would like to share some background information to address the slower than usual IP replacements after GFW blocking. We use Cloudflare for managing our DNS records and we update these records quite often (especially lately due to very aggressive GFW behavior). However, Cloudflare is experiencing technical issues during the past 4 days which ... Read More »

5th Nov 2023
Jamjams 0.1.6 for MacOS and Windows released

We're pleased to release Jamjams v0.1.6, which can now take your subscription link for simpler login process. This is the first version of Jamjams which we consider "Stable", and will now recommend all our customers using Mac or PC (Windows) to switch to this version for best service stability and ease of configuration. Download Jamjams Read More »

2nd Oct 2023
ChatGPT 4 captcha issues resolved

We have applied a few improvements today to our ChatGPT unblocking servers, and captcha should no longer appear when working with ChatGPT4 (ChatGPT3.5 and OpenAI API have not been affected by this issue). We will be rolling out more updates to our platform in the upcoming 48 hours to further improve the stability of ChatGPT access and eliminate ... Read More »

28th Sept 2023
IPLC-HK V2 New entry nodes s2 and s53

We are pleased to inform our clients that we have added a new circuit to our IPLC-HK V2 service. This new circuit is provided by China Telecom, and we have deployed the following new entry nodes: Node s2 has the same outbound routing as s1 (Hong Kong), but offers better latency and speed for China Telecom customers Node s53 has the same outbound ... Read More »

12th Aug 2023
IPLC-HK V2 S52 US circuit update

We have been receiving reports of Google services being unavailable via node S52.

After further investigation we were able to locate the issue at one of our upstream providers. We have rerouted the traffic to use an alternative path, and the connectivity is now restored. 

8th Aug 2023